Network Modes

Our hardware agents offer three modes of operation for every situation

Wired only

Monitor the Internet and provider over the wired network. All communications is routed over the wired interface.

WiFi only

Monitoring is done over the local WiFi network or can be used to monitor and communicate over LTE, 4G and 5G services.

Wired, AP

The wired network is the default route and the agent becomes an access point for your smart devices. Useful when you don’t have or don’t want to use the customer AP.

Every network is different

This guide explains the three modes of operation available and why each mode can be beneficial in different scenarios. Admins can control modes of operation through the dashboard without having to visit the remote location.

Wired Mode

In this mode, the agent monitors the local network and serves various functions such as detecting disruptions or anomalies. Wired mode is particularly useful when you want to keep a close eye on the stability and performance of your wired network infrastructure. It helps you ensure smooth operations, troubleshoot issues promptly, and maintain a reliable connection.

WiFi Mode

Switching to wireless mode allows the agent to monitor both wired and wireless Internet services, including LTE 4G/5G connections. This mode is ideal for situations where you need comprehensive monitoring capabilities across different types of network connections. Whether you rely on wired or wireless services, the agent keeps a vigilant eye on your Internet connectivity, providing valuable insights and alerts.

Wired with Access Point Mode

If you add our smart devices but lack a local WiFi access point, the agent offers one. By enabling this option, the agent becomes an access point itself, allowing your smart devices to connect and access the Internet. This feature is particularly useful in locations where either there is no access point available, or you prefer not to use the customer’s.