In today’s digital age, cities, municipalities, and organizations face significant challenges due to frequent and large-scale internet outages.
However, many outages go unreported because they are smaller and while still disruptive, not as quickly noticed.

From smaller outages such as in El Paso, to large-scale outages such as the recent Optus event that left millions without Internet and over 400K businesses to suffer losses during the outage. There are many articles on the Internet referring to varying degrees of Internet disruptions but how many never get reported? Many.

ISP Tracker offers a comprehensive solution that provides officials with their own data relating to Internet reliability and disruptions across all monitored ISPs.

Objective Data for Accountability

Utilizing ISP Tracker, officials can access independent monitoring data, holding ISPs accountable for outages and service disruptions.
This is vital in instances where ISPs may not fully disclose all outages or the severity of issues.

Quick Identification of Weak Points

The tool enables cities to proactively identify and address weak points in their internet infrastructure, leading to faster problem resolution and efficient service management.

Preventing Finger-Pointing and Lawsuits

With ISP Tracker’s independent data, cities can avoid disputes and potential legal battles over the causes of internet problems.
Cost-Effective Monitoring: ISP Tracker is an affordable option for monitoring internet service quality, particularly beneficial for budget-conscious city governments and municipalities.

Time-Saving in Issue Resolution

Direct access to outage data and infrastructure weak points allows for quick action, significantly reducing downtime and its impact on businesses and residents.

Enhanced Decision-Making and Planning

Access to detailed ISP performance data aids in making informed decisions about infrastructure improvements, policy-making, and future connectivity investments.

Supports Transparency and Public Trust

Providing public access to ISP performance data enhances transparency and builds trust among citizens and businesses about the quality of their internet services. Event if not shared with the public, officials can use the data to help improve Internet services for the public.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

Cities can leverage ISP Tracker data to tailor solutions to their unique needs, from upgrading infrastructure in areas with frequent outages to negotiating better terms with ISPs.

Monitoring Municipal Infrastructure

Beyond monitoring ISPs, ISP Tracker effectively monitors municipal infrastructure reliant on IP or internet connectivity. It keeps track of all IP-connected locations, alerting administrators in real-time about disconnections, low speeds, and other issues, ensuring consistent and reliable internet service.

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